Charges in Lotus Massage incident now known



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Thank goodness

I feel so much safer now!!

Joe 25 days ago

Agree with Good

Everything Good stated is true. Don't forget about the one behind Vestavia bowling alley. It's a shame and disgrace to the community. Everyone knows what goes on behind the doors. It's running rampant in our city and destroying relationships. This needs to stop!

Janet 38 days ago


The woman that owns Lotus has two more locations. One off 280 across from Lloyds, and one off 31 by Tandy leather. She needs to be put under the jail. Every thing she owns has been gotten through illegal means. There's a few more businesses around town that aren't exactly legit as well.

Bud 39 days ago


What was the arrest for? Prostitution? Human Trafficking? Who was arrested?

Mike 44 days ago


We are working to find that information out, and should have more information today.

Neal Embry ( 43 days ago

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