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Vestavia Hills Elementary Cahaba Heights held its Taste of the Heights fundraiser on Tuesday, April 16. Read more



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Addressing student needs in Vestavia Hills City Schools has always been the number one priority, Aimee Rainey, director of student services, said. Read more

Cahaba Heights


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In mid-April, parents of students at Vestavia Hills Elementary Cahaba Heights will once again be able to enjoy touring the school, buy artwork and enjoy local food. Read more



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Two Vestavia schools, Vestavia Hills Elementary West and Vestavia Hills Elementary Cahaba Heights, were chosen to be Bicentennial Schools. Read more


Over a period of 10 weeks, girls in the third through fifth grade participate in an after-school program that encourages positive emotional, social, mental and physical development. Read more

Cahaba Heights


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English-language classes are offered to qualifying students as they come into the system, and once they test out, they’re monitored and supported as needed. Read more



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The smoke house comes to Vestavia elementary schools once a year to teach fire safety lessons. Read more

Cahaba Heights


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Since 2004, the Vestavia Hills Fire Department has traveled around the city teaching children about fire safety. Read more



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The BodyTrek program, facilitated by Children’s of Alabama, is a mobile unit that travels to schools within 55 miles of the hospital. Read more

Cahaba Heights

Going into her 11th year as the school nurse at Vestavia Hills Elementary Cahaba Heights, Julie Corley can add the title of best registered school nurse to her resume. Read more



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“A lot of things will have to happen in order to make this work,” Freeman said, “so we’ll spend a long time planning so that in the summer of 2019 we can begin to implement all of those moves.” Read more

Cahaba Heights


Rylee Jimenez.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Vestavia Voice asked students from Vestavia Hills Elementary Cahaba Heights and Vestavia Hills Elementary West to talk to us a little bit about love. Read more


Cahaba Heights

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It's a bird; It's a plane; It's — the Vestavia Hills Elementary Cahaba Heights PTO. Read more

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Emily Featherston

Walk and Bike to School Day is a nationwide celebration of fitness and community. Read more



Emily Featherston

The event was held at Fox Field in Cahaba Heights. Read more


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