Cahaba Heights Road

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Photo courtesy of NS Studio.

Natalie and Shad Simpson both began dancing in Birmingham studios at around 2 years old. The husband and wife duo now own NS Dance Studio, where they can share their love for dance with others. Read more

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Emily Featherston

The lengthy discussion focused on storm water runoff, waste water treatment and traffic safety. Read more



Courtesy of Vestavia Hills Police Department

Police had the road closed from Pumphouse Court to the intersection at Sicard Hollow Road and Blue Lake Drive. Read more


The store will be closed from Saturday, Oct. 24 to Tuesday, Nov. 3 for updates. Read more



Courtesy of Vestavia Hills Police Department

Vestavia Hills Police Department charged a 71-year-old Irondale resident with felony assault after he reportedly struck a 75-year-old man in the head. Read more


During the Feb. 23 meeting, the City Council approved an agreement with Sain Associates for the design of a roadway adjacent to Vestavia Hills Elementary School Cahaba Heights. Read more


On Tuesday, the Birmingham Police Department announced an arrest in connection with the Dec. 21 murder of Najeh Masaeid, a delivery driver for the Cahaba Heights Domino’s Pizza. Read more


Jack Norris 2014

Photo by Katie Turpen.

When Jack Norris saw children walking to school down Dolly Ridge Road in Cahaba Heights, he was immediately concerned for their safety. Read more

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