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Coyotes in Vestavia Hills

If I was the city of Vestavia Hills, I would be gravely concerned about this problem. There is a huge liability here. If someone's pet or even a child gets attacked by one of these creatures, there will be a massive lawsuit against the city.

Elizabeth Cook more than 1 year ago

Coyote attack almost non existent

I'd worry about my cat and small dog, but coyotes rarely attack human or a larger dog. Most are related to people trying to rescue them. There have only been two people killed by a coyote in the US and Canada ever.

Brooks Adams more than 1 year ago


Let’s wrap up this confusion about coyotes being native to our area— they are not— and then let’s get serious about shooting or poisoning them to get rid of them. They have proliferated in Vestavia Hills in the past few months, and they are killing entirely too many cats and even a few small dogs. Many are sickly looking (see my GameCam photos), have the mange, and quite possibly have rabies. We should not have to live in fear of putting our small animals outside, regardless of whether one has a fence or not.

Andrew Edwards more than 1 year ago