Banana Bread Buttermilk Waffles Recipe




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Can't wait to try this recipe! One of the few things I don't have is a waffle iron unfortunately.
Emily Geiger-Willis

Emily Geiger-Willis more than 5 years ago

Banana Waffles

I bet my kids would LOVE these! And we are excellent at letting bananas go a bit too long;-)

Lindsey Chitwood more than 5 years ago


I am biased, but these are awesome waffles!

Marrow Gordon more than 5 years ago

Waffle Iron Giveaway

Looks so yummy! A lot of people don't get the fact that when the recipe calls for "ripe" bananas, they must be almost black! That's when they are the sweetest!! Can't wait to give this a try! Thanks for the contest!

Angel Skelton more than 5 years ago

Banana Bread waffles

I LOVE waffles and am always trying out new recipes. In fact, I just made a Belgian waffle recipe with yeast. Can't wait to try these banana bread waffles! Two of my favorite things in one!

Ellen more than 5 years ago

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