Planning commission recommends Cahaba Heights apartment proposal



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Someone mentioned that safety from car traffic was an issue at the new school. Watching this video and how close these kids are to the whizzing traffic of 31 you wonder what the real reason is.

fultojd more than 4 years ago

It's a simple choice

Born and raised in Hoover & Vestavia; now living in the DC metro area, I'll tell you life goes on with towering buildings right next to a school. It gets down to a simple choice..... The community lives on as it is and the land could've been used to just build more houses. Or.... You try to stretch outside the norm and 'develop' the area. Just like most things in life you can't make everyone happy. If it wasn't a silly apartment building, it'd be a neighborhood Walmart, a clinic, a strip mall, etc., and still would be opposition. You can't have both directions. I think some people out there are trying to stretch the neighborhood and want more out of it? There's no stretching! I long gave up on Bham being a cozy walkable city giving you instant logistical gratification. So long as you have sprawling landscaped parking lots/entries, and no 're-development' to compact plans, you can never achieve that.

Former Vestavia resident more than 4 years ago

You will know them by their fruits

No one wants this. If council doesn't see this then they don't have our best interest in mind . power without love is dangerous , and know this too we are mountain Brook place unites us . we are neighbors and friends we are here with awareness and conviction united but separate to be our own person . this is our home it is beautiful because there is a spirit that unites us all in serving one another helping one another. We are the people of mountain Brook we have schools here heritage here pride here how can we let 9 people call the shots who gave them this power, if they don't respect our heritage if all they do is care about money and getting power and ignore our wishes then we need to tell them thanks but no thanks take their business to a city elsewhere that cares about power and money more then life and freedom and our children . we will win noone is over us except God. God is for love when we love each other and stand for what is right we are loves servant giving freedom to all. We live to serve one another. We strive together in love, if we love each other and see evil know that the people remove the evil if they refuse to do good. We have spoken the town has spoken obvious answer noone wants it if the board refuses the people you know this is wrong. The board needs to go because my life is more important than a dollar bill.

Steve more than 4 years ago


In the comment above I stated mountain Brook but the same principal applies to us all vestavia mountain Brook Hoover we are one people who came here to start a new life to live work hard and love each other. Evil is rearing its head up causing divisions the suing over a gym floor the division of a mascot and smearing our superintendent s good name thru the mud , the apts looking over our children's school, division division Sue the school the apts look like the money answer, really where is our heads at. Something is testing our city to see where we stand evil wants power . I mean 9 people can place apts there knowing the whole town said no. Stay united with each other you are the govt here not them we the people rule not evil. The suing of the school just to hand over money back to the school doesn't make any sense they are trying to make other cities hate us it doesn't make sense because evil hates unity and doesn't know love.

Steve more than 4 years ago

The whole story

I find no fault with the actions of Steven Hydinger. In fact, he has generally acted in good faith. I can not say the same of the city. I hope the communication between the board of education, city managers office and individual schools improves. Here is a short documentary I made to share the story.

Robert de Buys more than 4 years ago

This development will be good for the area

I'm a resident in the Birmingham portion of this area. Been in Birmingham six years and have lived in much larger cities. I think that this development is a good first step in creating compact, walkable community that is going to be quite nice in years to come. A looking forward to seeing the final result.

Shirley Hicks more than 4 years ago


Shirley, the FINAL RESULT you are looking forward to seeing is 83 apartments overlooking our local elementary school. 83 Apartments with a great schoolyard/classroom view from the fourth story.

THINK ABOUT IT more than 4 years ago

Voice Concerns to Council

Folks we need to be loud and repetitive with our concerns to the City Council. This makes ZERO sense. I will not accuse anyone of anything but why a planning commission thinks it's a good idea to put 83 apartments next to an elementary school is highly questionable, to say the least. Why the developer is so adamant about apartments vs. townhouses or condos (both of which ADD TO THE PROPERTY VALUE, while decreasing crime, enrollee's in schools etc.) is also questionable. We are missing a piece here I am afraid and our community should NOT suffer because Steve and the city planning folks want to make more MONEY by renting apartments.

Dolly Ridge Home Owner more than 4 years ago

I agree

We need to be clear to a council who is 9, we are one city , we are the homeowners of this city, we are the people , businesses , neighbors and friends we are connected by this place. This place inspires us to have elevated views on life family and our homes. We are rooted in shared pride for our community and heritage. This is a place of who we are and where we want our children to be raised. It's not about the money or getting rich its about being united in our passion for living. We are concerned about our city we love our schools and our teachers why do these city planners want to make apts we don't need them seems to me its all about the money and power. The people who voted for these city planners do not want it. So if the city planners really cared about the people and their wishes and truely stood for the people they would squash it. If they don't do what the people wish then there is no goodness in them there is no thought about our kids here these people in charge don't care about our heritage and hate our unity. As a good teacher once said you will know them by their fruits. Be wise as serpents but gentle as a lamb. Don't let evil men rule let love be your guide. Justice definition justice in its best is power for correcting everything that stands against love. Power without love is wreckless and abusive mkjr

Beth more than 4 years ago

Stop starting wars

Our city does not need division we are one stop dividing us up . citizens of this great community need to not fight it causes division. Division causes hate and when a city is divided it falls. Stop aiming for the dollar aim for life. Your life matter your kids matter, money will fail love remains. Choose love .

Beth more than 4 years ago

Mr Hydinger

This is NOT YOUR COMMUNITY, Mr. Hydinger!
YOU live, work, and care about the city of Mt Brook.
I believe in the best for my family and my community.
You, sir, seem to believe only in your profit.

Missy Turner more than 4 years ago

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