City making plans for new park at Altadena Valley Country Club



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Surrounding homes

As a homeowner that is VERY close to AVCC and still in unincorporated Jefferson County I would sure like to see Vestavia take us in - especially since WE (the Jefferson County residents) are the ones that are going to be most affected by the traffic and building chaos. Why does Vestavia want all of our wonderful land for parks and our businesses but is unwilling to take in the residential homes?

Bobbie Fletcher more than 3 years ago


Steve, what about most ALL of the houses that are currently around AVCC? They are ALL in Jefferson County, not Vestavia. What benefit does this have for those residents?

Leslie, I agree with you! Why doesn't the city FINISH what they have started before they start creating more choas? Patchwork needs to be finished before this begins. Acton Road will be a nightmare!

Alex more than 3 years ago


I agree - it is sad to see AVCC lost, especially for the sake of more housing and business development. I've been a member there for about 8 years and think it offers a great value to the area as an afforadable option to the more expensive country clubs. There is already lots of empty retail space (City Center), and more housing taxes already strained public services and schools. Acton Road is already very congested, and the influx of housing and ballparks will only add to the problem. Why hasn't Vestavia done anything on the promised parks at Patchwork? It just seems like the city needs to take care of what it already has instead of focusing so much of expanding. It's a simple matter of quality versus quantity, and bigger is not always better. Take a look at where Chace Lake Country Club used to be -- is that AVCC is going to look like after this? That's a scary thought.

Leslie Haynes more than 3 years ago

AVCC and Schools

So are we to assume that AVCC will soon be a thing of the past? It is sad to see golf courses go away. As far as schools Vestavia schools need to improve what they already have. There are new schools in LP and CHE has been getting a refurb over the last year or so, but they need to look at VHEE. The gym and playground especially needs it face lift. I believe t is the oldest school in Vestavia.

Marc McCluney more than 3 years ago

AVCC closing

Really sad for those of us that have been members for 30 years or longer. A lot of memories.

David Vaughn more than 3 years ago


Whether Vestavia wants to admit it or not we need an additional high school to be built. Perhaps in the Liberty Park area and send all the kids who come to the new area that go to Cahaba Heights to the Liberty Park Schools as they seem closer than the central Vestavia schools

Tammy more than 3 years ago


Where would we put all of these 1500 children in our already filled to capacity schools? It sounds lovely, but that would be a huge concern which I am certain has been considered and addressed. Thanks.

Karen Barganier more than 3 years ago


The schools are working very closely with the city and have a seat at the table in discussions on the cities growth as well as annexations. They are aware of our long term strategic growth and are making their own plans knowing that not only residential but economic growth means more tax dollars and in turn more money for the schools to make improvements. At no other time in my experience on the city council have I felt that almost every aspect of the city is in sync, from City leadership and staff, Schools, Chamber of Commerce and volunteer organizations. If you ever have a question or concern please feel free to contact me 482-2700.
Steve Ammons

Steve Ammons more than 3 years ago

Park on Cahaba

Hope this includes a canoe launch !

Kathleen Lawrence more than 3 years ago