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Emily Featherston

Multiple properties came before the council for a rezoning vote. more


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Emily Featherston

The issue drew significant public comment, but no vote was taken by the Planning and Zoning Commission. more


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Emily Featherston

The lengthy discussion focused on storm water runoff, waste water treatment and traffic safety. more


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Courtesy of Longleaf Realty Partners, via City of Vestavia Hills

Owners are asking that the property be rezoned from residential to neighborhood mixed-use business. more



Photo by Emily Featherston.

The measure up for a vote would rezone six lots along Crosshaven Drive to B-1.2. more


Cahaba Heights Apartments

Sydney Cromwell

A nearly three-hour hearing of a proposed apartment and mixed use retail development near Cahaba Heights Elementary ended in a 6-2 vote to recommend the plan to the city council. more

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Altadena Park Meeting

Sydney Cromwell

The top concern of the night was traffic, as the first proposal for the park included an access point on Lakeland Trail, a residential street. more

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Altadena Valley park

Courtesy of City of Vestavia Hills

On Thursday, Aug. 13, the Planning & Zoning Commission will consider a proposal to annex the property and turn the country club and golf course into a recreational area. The commission will give a recommendation to the city council. more

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Photo by Katie Turpen.

During Thursday's planning and zoning meeting, a developer withdrew his application for a 150-unit apartment complex between Dolly Ridge Road and Oakview Lane. More than hundred attended the meeting with many standing outside City Hall. more


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