mayor's prayer breakfast


Emily Featherston

Mayor Ashley Curry hosted his first Mayor's Prayer Breakfast on April 18. Read more


Vestavia Mayors Prayer Breakfast

Photo by Frank Couch.

The breakfast program will feature Alabama native Edie Hand as speaker. Read more


Vestavia Mayors Prayer Breakfast

Frank Couch

The 26th annual Prayer Breakfast, held at the Vestavia Country Club, included a performance of the national anthem by Just Singin’, the high school a cappella group, and comments from Mayor Butch Zaragoza. Read more



Photo courtesy of Liz Huntley.

This year’s prayer breakfast is April 26 at Vestavia Country Club. Read more


Mayor's Prayer Breakfast

Photo by Keith McCoy.

Bob Lujano, author of No Arms, No Legs, No Problem, delivered an inspirational message during the 25th annual Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast at the Vestavia Country Club on Tuesday, April 28. Read more

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