Vestavia Hills partners with Knight Eady for rebranding project



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Leave it alone, it's not broken

Leave Rebel Man as he is, successful, not racist, productive, with character. Liberal ideas have pilfered a perjurious, vile path under our tent. Vermin must be dealt with accordingly, uhhhhh......snap ! I've got it, why don't they all resign and get a sling blade and clean up Wald Park. Oh wait, they have PHDs, which are post hole diggers. They can bury themselves in Michigan when they leave Vestavia. Get the heck away from here. Go on. Git ! Don't let the door hit you in the burro.
On your way out, refund the Knight Eady "retainer", fees, funds, payout, back scratch. Oh, by the way "Where in the heck is a Jack Williams when you need him to stand up for our majority..?" Wait, he's at UAB football practice ( Williams never went to UAB, so why is he wasting time serving them and not Vestavia ? Maybe he has sights on a higher paying, easier professional politician job.
Be sure to go to "Keep the Rebel Mascot" Facebook page and make a donation to rid our community of liberal vermin.
Rebel Man Matters. Once a Rebel, Always a Rebel. Fight on. You can't kill an idea.....ideas are bulletproof.

Thomas more than 4 years ago


How much is this costing taxpayers?

Blake more than 4 years ago