Buddy Anderson set to retire following 2020 season



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Buddy Anderson - A Leader in Faith as Well as Fooball

I forget the date. It was the Saturday after the underdog Rebels had defeated the QB Mailon Kent led Spartans. Our radio broadcast had covered the game the night before. I stopped by Coach Anderson’s office early to extend my congratulations. We were the only ones there as I pulled up a chair. Coach was enjoying the afterglow of the night before’s victory in his quiet way. We chatted about the game and who played well until he challenged me, “Pat, have you accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior?”
“Yes,” I replied. “I have always felt Salvation since I can remember. I envy those who remember their date, time and place that they were Saved.”
After a brief moment I looked coach in the eye and said, “I probably could use a tuneup.”
“Join me here on the floor,” he replied.
And with both on our knees in Coach Anderson’s office he led me in prayer and a renewed effort to lead my life following the Lord and His Examples for me.
Buddy Anderson has held a student led Fellowship of Christian Athletes meeting every Wednesday night for years that I have attended occasionally. These meetings used to include the late Coach Thompson Reynolds who had words of wisdom that would express to the players who were in attendance. He was missed after he was gone. I used to live next door to his brother and his family when I was a kid. This gave me an “in” with the now late Coach Reynolds. After he was gone, when I attended a few FCA meetings at Coach Anderson’s home, I was offered Coach Reynolds’s chair, a humbling experience though it was not given to me as an honor for being their.
Coach Anderson asked me to attend an annual FCA convention in North Carolina. We rode together and swapped various stories about football and other experiences we had had. I still have a picture in my hallway at home of The Porch that had rocking chairs, huge columns and a great view of the mountains giving a person a since of greatness our Lord can bring.
Long live Coach Buddy Anderson whose spirit and the words of the Lord will live on years to come as they have come to all of us as if from a dove that is included in his given name.

Pat Patrick 109 days ago

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