Survey: Should Vestavia Hills High School change its mascot?



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I'm REBELing against the taking away of the rebel mascot. GO REBELS! That is all🔴🔵

Nunya more than 4 years ago

It's Our "History"

I find the people who are so upset about changing the Vestavia rebel name and mascot because it's turning our backs on our "history" just laughable. Yes, Vestavia chose a rebel for a nickname and mascot many years ago, back when we also thought baby blue polyester pant suits, platform shoes, permed frizzy hair and tinted eyeglasses the size of salad plates were cool. I don't see these same people, who are so upset, wearing the same fashions that were so great when the name and mascot were selected. That's also our history, but history no one wants to relive or wear.

I understand that being a "Rebel" means something to these people, but it also has another meaning to the outside world. Basically, to everyone else, "Once a Rebel, Always a Rebel" is seen as "Once a Racist, Always a Backward Thinking Redneck Racist." Anything that looks like a confederate rebel is viewed in negative terms, no matter how much it is protested within our community to have a less offensive meaning. Why not fly the confederate flag in front of the school? That's history too. It's all related, it offends many and should be put aside.

As a Vestavia resident, I would rather Vestavia be known as a progressive city, that can change for the better and correct an outdated image, more than "Keep the Rebels" because it's our history and we can't see past the ends of our noses. I had to think a moment what the mascot was for my high school. Maybe there's the difference. I went on to college and a successful life and career, and well, my high school mascot has little meaning to my life today. For those with children in the Vestavia school system and wanting to keep this outdated name and mascot because their child wouldn't like it being changed, be more concerned with their future, not so much with an irrelevant, ugly past. In a few years it will mean nothing to them. But for many who live here, it's just embarrassing. Not only for the name and mascot, but for those people who think keeping it is a good idea.

Cahaba Lily more than 4 years ago

Learn True History

Many people have never been given the opportunity to understand the true reasons why The War of Northern Aggression was fought. The war was over economics and 10th Amendment rights of secession. Northern manufacturers had slaves and brought them to the south for sale with big profits. Then the same Northerners, the Abolitionists, wanted to force the Southern agriculture producers to allow these workers to return home "free" without being paid for their investment. Slavery was wrong, but all President Lincoln had to do was pay these landowners for these workers and all those lives could have been saved. Northern Federal General Sherman murdered many blacks while in a "blue" uniform so the mascot should at least be in Confederate "true dress" gray with red trim. The Confederate flag was designed from the Christian cross flag of St. Andrew or the Scottish flag. Those who used it after the War to abuse it have given the image a bad perception. Speaking of "the lead of Ole Miss", that is just a bogus argument. Just like the board members of the National Boy Scouts, where elitist "management" made the decision to avoid "God" in God and Country by tolerating gay beliefs, which will eventually "lead" to the demise of the Boy Scouts. What did Briarwood Church do ? They formed their own Scout organization. Sort of like what the South did, they seceded which is totally Constitutional. Self determination, it should be allowed to work for "We The People".
Teach accurate history and have citizens of Vestavia be given the chance at free determination instead of having attorneys, liberal teachers and bleeding heart administrators (AEA) making such a call. If you want to get truly historic, know that the cry of "War Eagle" that I love, was an original Confederate battle cry. Let's see the liberals go to Auburn and try to change that one ! Leave history, especially true history alone and focus on eliminating poor educational programs, like Common Core, off the table, stuffed upon us by Washington. Seek the truth, don't run around like a bunch of Kardashians screaming "my feelings are hurt". If your feelings are hurt about the truth of truly honourable Christian men defending their lands and families, then Google Chuck Baldwin's recent article on "Raising the Confederate Flag, not lowering it".
Again, why would black Confederate soldiers and Native American soldiers who supported the Confederate troops return to a 50th reunion of their army units at the Tutwiler Hotel in 1915 ? The photo is on file at the Birmingham library at Linn Park just a few feet from "That offensive" monument. Dr. Whiting showed it to me.
Keep the Rebels, keep the mascot and keep our abusive Federal government out of Vestavia.
Leave the Rebels and our mascot alone ! Learn the true history.

Kirkland Byars more than 4 years ago

Keep it! Stand up people!!

This is ridiculous!!! This should not even be a discussion. This is a high school mascot to cheer on a team. A group of individuals that are of every ethnicity. All this controversy over the flag is causing more harm than any good. It is a piece of history! What are we going to take down next?? The American flag! This is the beginning of many battles over "racism" and free speech! Whatever the mascot goes to next someone somewhere will be offended. Go REBELS!!!!

Jem more than 4 years ago

Rebels, Rebels, GO! GO! GO!

If they want to change the mascot they should ask the student body first! We are a school that is equal and every way!!

Anon more than 4 years ago

Might as well

They may as well keep the mascot because the people of Vestavia Hills, AL are racist, so the mascot is a very good representation of what the people here are about. If anyone here says that they don't "see color" then they are obviously white or they are just oblivious to the fact. And there are people in Vestavia that are not racist, but they are usually from either the west or north. Even the African Americans in Vestavia are racist towards each other. So I guess that they might as well keep it.

Mona more than 4 years ago

keep it!!!!

I believe we should keep the rebel name and man. Go Rebels!!!!!

Hopper more than 4 years ago

Changs it !

The Rebel Flag is a symbol of hate and any derivative , especially in the southern states is a direct reflection of it. The mascot even looks like an old angry soldier. As someone who has lived here 20 years but was not raised in the South , I'm still appalled at the amount of tolerance of racism. .Ill intended or not, why would African Americans want to be reminded of a legalized system of involuntary servitude, dehumanization, rape and mass murder? For that matter why would whites or blacks or anyone want to be reminded ? Why would we want to encourage our children to hang on to that ? Once a rebel always a rebel ? No. Get rid of it. Let's show our kids that love wins.

Jill Billions more than 4 years ago

Keep The Rebels!!! Once a Rebel always a Rebel!!!

Gooooo Rebels!!!

Kim more than 4 years ago

Once A Rebel Always A Rebel!!

Once A Rebel Always A Rebel!!

Gavin Galloway more than 4 years ago


Keep Mascot and Rebel name! GO REBELS!!!!!!!!

Amy more than 4 years ago

Time for Change

Why not just follow the lead of Ole Miss and change the mascot to a bear or other animal. If the original intent was to be like Ole Miss, then to remain like Ole Miss means dropping Rebel Man.

Vic Adamo more than 4 years ago

No it should not go anywhere

True Rebels would stand against this current of PC BS. Our mascot has nothing to do with hatred

John Frey more than 4 years ago


If this MUST BE an issue, keep the name and do away with the Rebel Man. That would be a reasonable compromise. However, how about we turn all this attention and energy toward parenting and attacking the drug and other problems our kids face. Including racism which will not go away by eliminating symbols. Whether we saved a few of our young folks from alcohol or drug abuse - or changed their heart about people who are different than they are, THAT will make a difference in 50 years.

Kevin Whitehead more than 4 years ago

Where does it end?

Something that has never been an issue in my 15+ years living in Vestavia and my husband's 42 years as a Vestavian is now tearing this community apart. It is ridiculous, in my opinion, to cave to political correctness for something that IS NOT AN ISSUE HERE! Our students love each other and love being the Rebels, they don't see color or a "Confederate soldier" (because it is not!). The BOE needs to say, "Nope, not changing, thanks for asking, end of discussion." My youngest has been waiting her whole life to be a Rebelette, because anything to do with being a "Rebel" is an honor! Go Rebels!

Heather Pilleteri more than 4 years ago

Divided We Fall

In my 44 years of living in this community, I have NEVER witnessed the divisiveness that had been created by a few. Vestavia is a family. I believe that while individual racism will forever exist, corporate racism was not on anyone's mind, at least not until the few decided it was. It never came to my mind because racism doesn't live there. It makes me wonder why it came to theirs. Go Rebels!!

Sheila Bendall more than 4 years ago


Will you please post updates/results of this survey?

T more than 4 years ago

Time for a Change

This issue will not go away. If the team name and mascot isn't changed now, it will just keep coming back again and again as an issue for the board, school, and community. Times are changing and will continue to do so. Let's resolve this once and for all now and put the matter behind us. And let's pick a team name and mascot that isn't divisive, but unites the community.

Kent more than 4 years ago


keep it. not about race about teen rebellion

pixie belcher more than 4 years ago

New History of "Rebel" Name

Forget the controversy and stop wasting everyone's time debating this nonsense. Keep the name AND change the mascot by still being the Vestavia Rebels, but instead of the "dapper southern gentleman" as so many of the residents like to call him... have the mascot dressed as Rebel Wilson from Pitch Perfect fame. Other ideas include Rebel Willis, or the Billy Idol song, "rebel rebel."

You get the idea.

Also, fire Mr. Bruce.

Jeffrey more than 4 years ago



Allison Turner more than 4 years ago


I think they should let the student body decide. Let them vote.

Melissa more than 4 years ago

History of "Rebel" name

I read something by Mrs. Pilleterri (unsure of the spelling) that discussed how the name "Rebel" was chosen. It had nothing to do with the civil war. I hope someone can find this article and publish it again. Hopefully, the Board of Education is aware of this information.

Judy Rutstein more than 4 years ago


It has been absurd having to be subjected to the politically correctness police for way too long. It is time we make our stand and we are keeping our mascot and its name. The mascot nor the name killed anyone. It was the ideology that killed both black and white alike. If I am to be judged by a mascot and the school's name--shame on those that do this. Go Rebels!

Kelly Garner more than 4 years ago


I agree with Kelly Garner 100% Lived in Vestavia for 35 years before moing out by Spain Park High School

Judy Murchison more than 4 years ago

Mascot survey

I heard that there was already a survey done by those that want to do away with the Rebel name and mascot with 300 signatures. There is also a petition to keep the Rebel name and mascot with 1700 signatures. Both of these numbers were as of Wednesday night so they might have gone up.

Katherine Manush more than 4 years ago


Keep the Mascot and Rebel Name. It's who we are!!

Shelley Sumner more than 4 years ago


Where is the survey? The link took me here but no survey.

Shelley Sumner more than 4 years ago

Survey Link

Hello Shelley,

We're having a little trouble getting the survey to show up on mobile devices. In the meantime, you can take the survey on a computer or through the following link:

The Vestavia Voice more than 4 years ago


Keep us the Vestavia REBELS and keep mascot. Tired of the bullies

Allison Maners more than 4 years ago

I agree with Allison.

Political correctness has to stop somewhere. Let it be here.

Will more than 4 years ago