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New Merkel (Senior Heights Senior Services

1. Sell current New Merkel property to the School Board for use by VHECH, preferably as playground. 2. Negotiate a reasonable purchase price for the lots for sale across Dolly Ridge Rd from the school (catty corner) and move New Merkel there, with a satellite library within. That location would put New Merkel parking away from the school and would provide more space for programs and parking than the current NM House. There should even be enough property left over for a green space.

Peggy Gargis more than 1 year ago

New Merkel (Cahaba Heights Senior Services)

I have serious reservations about all city senior services being moved to the new Gold's Gym building. Seniors on the East side of town (Liberty Park, Cahaba Heights, Dolly Ridge area) would have great difficulty driving across town to have access to senior programming. Unless a substantial bus service is developed, this option would be unsuitable.

Kimberly Cook more than 1 year ago

I agree

It would be a terrible shame to move the senior program from New Merkle. It may not be the the population center but Cahaba Heights is the geographical center of Vestavia Hills. Forcing the seniors to drive 20 + minutes away for fellowship is unnecessary and rude.

Robert de Buys more than 1 year ago

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