‘Eccentric’ middle school teacher leaves one of a kind legacy



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Did she teach early at private school?

I believe Mrs. Janie Beale was my PE teacher in 1972/73 at Alliance Christian School in Vestavia when I was in the 10th grade. If this is the same teacher, she was a special person. I’ll never forget how special she made me feel in 1973. Thank you Mrs. Beale

Karen Daigle 86 days ago

Best teacher ever

I was in her class at cahaba heights for 5th and 6th grade. She taught me so much, she even visited me after I was grown with children of my own. She will be greatly missed.

Theresa 168 days ago

One of her children

I love and miss being one of her golden children she helped me through middle school and high school and early adulthood she was one of a kind friend ;p

Davin Moore 169 days ago