Lawsuit filed over Vestavia Hills mascot change



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Where is the replacement mascot?

This is an old story but its time to revisit - where is Vestavia's new mascot? Vestavia is one of the only schools without a mascot at all. This tells me that those wanting change didn't care about the kids or think things through. Their only desire was to make a point.

John Hay more than 3 years ago

Opinion Time Is Over

Opinion time is over. When all ingredients of this stirred up pot are disclosed, the results will not be tasty.

Re opinions, I have conducted an on going survey for over 2 months; ever since my daughter brought the issue to my attention. Sorry, but the decision was made with less than 10% agreement among 143 citizens surveyed. Survey included City employees, VHHS students, 5 lesbians, 4 gay men, and was divided 60% female, 40% male. I could not round up any fluid genders. The percentage favoring change was highest in Liberty Park, and lowest (6%) in Cahaba Heights.

Add 10% to the 10 % for error. And 20% agreement still does not speak for the majority of students and citizens in Vestavia Hills.

David Payne more than 4 years ago

So Unnecessary

Let me know about the gofundme page for the defense. This is ridiculous. Hopefully a judge will see it for what it is and dismiss the case.

Kwoya more than 4 years ago

Get a life

Seriously Roger Harris?? You've spent countless hours bashing women on Facebook and now this? I mean really! The board made the correct decision, in my opinion, by meeting everyone in the middle. This is what's best for the community. Some folks just love to continue to stir the pot and you sir are definitely one of those people. Please go find something productive to do with your time.

Kenzie more than 4 years ago

"Middle" means Conditioning. Rebel Man Matters

Progressive liberals want things their way or they whine. This reminds me of the northern industrialists who owned thousands of slaves who wore them out in factories then brought them to the South for profit. This is the purest hypocrisy.
Rebel Man is who Vestavians are, don't change it. Go watch "The Last Samurai" for the destruction of a courageous people by corrupt politicians. If you support Rebel Man, then put one on your mailbox and contribute to this lawsuit and sign the petition to remove and replace the BOE with genuine Vestavia citizens, not filled with northern snowbirds or johnny come lately Yankees who don't like the Rebel battle flag. Rebel Man will return triumphant with the miniscule minority whining to claim the flag as racist. They need a history lesson they never received at Fordham, Harvard or Michigan. Those who win the wars get to rewrite the history.... William Wallace.
I encourage every "real" Vestavia resident, student, alumni, merchant to gather unified and fight and prevail against this twisted thinking. If they want to change something, go be a missionary in Sierra Leone or sign up to fight ISIS, just stay out of Vestavia with liberal garbage. Remember...... REBEL MAN MATTERS.

Thomas more than 4 years ago

"Real Vestavian" is code for white Southerner

I'm pretty tired of being invited to leave my home of 14 years because I don't care to have me or my children represented by the imagery of a racist, slaveholding, treasonous failed state. Whenever people talk about how only "real" Vestavians should be heard on this topic, what they really mean is only white people who identify with the Confederacy and want to keep people and ideas who dont agree with them out. Real Vestavians are every person who lives in Vestavia. Many of the Rebel Man supporters who are spending their money supporting this nonsensical lawsuit don't live in Vestavia, but I guess they are okay with you because they are also white people who have never grown up enough go to be able to let go of a racist cartoon.

Lisa more than 4 years ago


I am a Vestavian and find the mascot to be polarizing and outdated. I find it odd that adults who do not attend the school are so passionate about keeping the mascot.

Kwoya more than 4 years ago

Blacks I know want to leave Rebel Man alone

Lisa, in History class you never saw pictures of black confederates because they have been censored much like how the flag of Northern Virginia, the eventual confederate battle flag, has been erased from the yearbooks at Vestavia High by the Common Core, politically correct minority liberals. The black football players, students and alumni I have spoken with don't want to change Rebel Man. Go over to,Woodlawn High and ask them to give up,their mascot "the Colonel" which is the exact replica of our mascot, it's just gold and green. So it's ok for a black high school to have a Southern gentleman like Colonel Sanders as your mascot as long as it doesn't look like a Southern gentleman. Get over it, rebel man is not a racist cartoon any more than that of the Lee High Generals, the Decatur High Red Raiders, or the Hoover Buccaneers. It's just you wanting it your way. And those forcing incorrect history on our children need to attend or form their own Saul Alinsky Training class because rewriting history and controlling the minds of young people is his top priority.
There is a photo at the Birmingham Library Archive which clearly shows the black confederate soldiers coming to a reunion at Tutwiler Hotel in 1913. Why would they show up ? What was their motivation ? Why would they stand beside white men in 1913 ? Why would the native Americans fight against the "Federal Government "? Could it be because all these people trying to implement States' rights got screwed, burned out and robbed by Abraham Lincoln, Sherman and Grant ? Learn the real history and write back. Lincoln was a bigger racist than anyone in Vestavia.

Thomas more than 4 years ago

Civil War history is well established, and it was about slavery

Thomas, I'm sorry, but your revisionist view of Civil War history is simply nonsense. Perhaps you believe it, perhaps you don't. Either way I am sorry for you. Don't you think that if your version were accurate, the Vestavia City schools would gladly teach it? Go ask the students what they are taught. They are taught, accurately, that the primary reason for the Civil War was the South's desire to continue holding slaves. The secession documents themselves says so. At least the original Confederates were honest about their motives.

Lisa more than 4 years ago

Rebel Man Matters to YOU

Thankfully,you don't speak for all Vestavians. You certainly don't speak for me.

Kwoya more than 4 years ago