Former superintendent remembered as man of integrity



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Dr Carleton Smith

With the passing of Dr. Smith we loose who in my opinion was a man who was everything good and great about our City. You never met him without a smile on his face and in his heart. I first met him after he became our Superintendant of Schools. just over two years later when I first began contemplating running for the City Council ,he was one of the first people I talked with. His comment to me was what I expected but so much more. He said "well just get ready to have half of the city mad at you at just about any given time. But Never let that sway my decision". He said, "if you always vote the way I believe in my heart is the right thing to do then it probably is so stick to my guns" He then went on to say "Do you know how when the old saying of If you have to ask yourself if something is wrong, well it probably is, well it works like that if you feel based on what you know at that time you make you decision, stick to it. He continued " if later new information comes forward that changes your mind, dont be afraid to say you were wrong and move on" I spent the next 8 years of City Council Service following his words. I also used his knowledge when we selected a new School Board member every year. He truly was a shining star in our Beautiful City and a man who will be missed by all. My thoughts and prayers for out to all of his family whom he truly loved and was forever proud of. Thank you Dr. Smith for your years of friendship, advise, knowledge and energy. to our city and us as individuals..

David Skinner 8 days ago

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