Addiction, recovery: Thinking outside the box



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This is a complicated subject but the fact that the founders of these for-profit "intermodal" recovery programs found their recovery in a 12 step program speaks volumes about the success off AA.
there are statistics available that show that the recovery rate of 12 step and non 12 step rehab centers is no better than the rates of those who just walk through the doors of AA. I have been sober for almost 29 years thanks to AA but I understand the need for more non-alcohol related addicts. NA doesn't seem to work very well and those court-ordered addicts who come to AA are generally (but not always) there to get their sheet signed and seldom seem to stick around. Most of them are there on drug charges and don't seem to believe that AA has anything to offer when, in fact, it does have recovery to offer for anyone addicted to a chemical change be it martinis or meth. Although I am a proponent of AA's 12 step program and have no truck with "moderation management" etc I believe that any program which is available to anyone with or without money which can relieve their suffering and offer a life-long plan for living is a good thing. I wish these people well but success is measured in people recovering not how financially successful their business is nor how many yoga classes they offer.....

Gregory Hill more than 2 years ago

To Mr. Hill ...

Bradford Health is a 'for-profit' entity. Are you going to knock them too?

Mac Sadler 128 days ago