Vestavia Hills Council opposes proposed Cahaba Beach Road project



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Mayor Curry should be requesting ALDOT to supply all public comments provided ALDOT in writing post the last 2 "public comment" meetings held at the school in Liberty Park. Therein Mayor Curry will find several comments provided by the Public Who Would Be Impacted by this project. Those constituents include: Residents of Liberty Park and surrounding subdivisions, residents of those living on Cahaba Beach Road itself, those who use Sicard Hollow for recreational bike riding, those who are protecting PUBLIC water supply and residents of Cahaba Hgts. With so many, VIRTUALLY ALL of those living in the areas to be impacted object to the project!!! So why would ALDOT BE SO DETERMINED TO CHARGE AHEAD??? DEEP DIVE BY OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS IS NEEDED TO DETERMINE WHO IS BEHIND THIS PROJECT AND WHO IS WILL BENEFIT??? Those who have attended ALDOT's past meetings have noted the following: Liberty Park residents point out the vastly preferable access to 280 via the use of 119 is so much easier that it would be to wind down Siccard Hollow. They have also pointed out the significant impact to loss of life of the many bike riders who now use Sicard Hollow via the additional traffic which would be added by the project. They also point out the project is only a gateway to providing more and more erosion of the protective lands via future developer requests. They also point out the damage to water quality which can not be protected by ALDOT. The also point out the never ending developer projects down 280 will end up causing never ending continuous traffic problems on 280 which ALDOTs Cahaba Beach Project will only provide limited relief while at the same time causing so much damage, effectively kicking the 280 traffic problem can down the road at the same time wasting PUBLIC funds rather than forming a long term resolution. ALTERNATIVES: 1) Widen Hwy 119 (an actual highway meant to handle access and traffic across the city) rather than trying to push the issue forward to the two landed internal neighborhood streets of Cahaba Hgts. thereby destroying the nature of the area. 2) Engage in Public Service Announcements altering those who don't realize Highway 119 can give them an alternative to reaching downtown B'ham when 280 is too slow. 3) Constructing as many over passes at now existing lights on 280 as possible starting at the Greystone intersection and progress east on 280 in later years. Adding feeder roads and eliminating lights will provide 280 users with access to retail commercial without slowing 280 traffic. As an alternative, or in addition to them at intersections where over passes are not feasible, underpasses with good drainage will allow the removal of traffic lights on 280 thereby increasing traffic flow. 4) Adding a toll road on 280. All cities of size have toll roads for which the tolls over time pay for the construction of the roads. One of the longest toll roads in the country is actually a toll bridge constructed over 30 years ago to connect the N

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DITTO TO MIKE'S COMMENTS. There are many vastly more reasonable alternatives to wasting money on ALDOT'S Beach Project. Of much concern is the total lack of concern for collateral damage caused by this project including not only water quality issues, but the redirection of the coagulating 280 traffic into the small two lane Cahaba Heights subdivision, an impact ALDOT has not given ANY consideration despite constant requests by area residents. Cahaba Hgts is already enduring additional traffic via shortcuts being taken through it when traffic near the Summit and Dolly Ridge is slowed. Some Cahaba Hgts residents are unable to exit their streets due to the cut throughs being taken by 280 drivers at times. Despite being alerted to this, ALDOT has given the additional impact which will definitely be born by Cahaba Hgts related to the Cahaba Beach Road Project (CBRP) absolutely no consideration or concern opting not to execute a traffic impact study before any thought of continuing with this project leading many to scratch their heads questioning what is prompting/supporting ALODT employees to act with such lack of concern? Not to mention this is ABSOLUTLY NOT A CONNECTIVITY ENHANCEMENT, BUT RATER A POORLY CONCIEVED 280 TRAFFIC REDIRECTION PROJECT!!!! WHAT HAS BEEN KEPT SECRET IS FOR THE BENEFIT OF WHOM? WHO HAS REQUESTED ALDOT TO DO THIS? DEVELOPER'S PER CHANCE??? Per the WATER CONCERNS and the publicly owned acreage surrounding it, while ALDOT "says" there will be no additional access allowed down it on Sicard Hollow, it is quite clear that spending public moneys to now violate a public trust when the public moneys were spent to purchase the land and protect the public's water supply in only the initial step in the erosion of protection of the public water supply via the now proposed use of the publicly owned land. Once accomplished, a series of incremental additional projects will no doubt ensue, one inch at a time until full erosion of the protection and public trust has occurred.

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Alternatives Continued: Cahaba Beach Road Project

TO CONTINUE COMMENTS IN PRIOR SUBMISSION: One of the longest toll roads in the US, which is actually a toll bridge over Lake Pontchartrain was constructed over 30 years ago to connect the North Shore of New Orleans where developers were constructing neighborhoods to the South Shore of New Orleans allowing access to the New Orleans Central Business District and the French Quarter. That bridge is 28,543 feet long, far longer than highway 280 heavily populated areas and is built over water!!!! Last year payment for that bridge had been completed using the tolls and they have now been removed!!! Surely, ALODT could use the Lake Pontchartrain bridge as a template of how to provide access and fund it?I?IIII??? and how to execute long range plans for growth patterns and the traffic they cause???? All cities experience traffic problems resulting from development and growth, think of Houston as another nearby example. The next suggestion provided ALDOT post its last public meeting is to consult of with cities who have dealt with development related traffic issues to determine Best Practices gleaned by those cities who've experienced the need to deal with the issue. Surely, ALDOT will find far more feasible alternatives via the use of the expertise those cities have developed than to destroy the areas this ill conceived, short term, partial resolution, waste of money, destructive and damaging Cahaba Beach Road Project presents. PS: ALDOT claims this project was initiated at the request of Gov Kay Ivy. Mayor Curry would be well advised to contact Gov Ivy and determine whether/why she would have asked for it and discuss the damage it will bring to "THE PUBLIC". 6) This last weekend I was traveling West on 280 to Home Depot (the side street of which is guess what? Cahaba Beach Road!). There had been an accident closer to Target on the East traveling side. The traffic traveling east was at a stand still for miles. This is the exact same traffic that would be traveling across the ALDOT proposed Cahaba Beach Road bridge and down Sicard Hollow then pouring into Cahaba Hgts and strangling internal two laned traffic flow there. Rather than sitting in 280 traffic waiting for the accident to clear, I elected to cross 280 and proceed to Grants Mill which then provided easy quick access to Rocky Ridge and out of the traffic jam. There is a wide swath of land along Rocky Ridge to 280 upon which highway could be built to connect with Caldwell Mill thereby providing alternative traffic flow to 280. Caldwell Mill could be widened. Why not do this while building a toll road on 280?

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