Rezoning approved for two separate townhome developments in Cahaba Heights



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Per the article on the meeting held for approval there was a protestor to the approval.
Not real clear what the issues the protestor was citing to support the opposition.
What I would say to this protestor and others is that these additional homes will create additional revenues (money) to city coffers through the real estate taxes the developers and eventual new owners will pay which then can be directed (isolated to the immediate area of this portion of Vestavia Hill and Cahaba Hgts) by the city council to overall improvement projects thereby improving the overall nature of the area.
As these real estate taxes are annual this will generate annual tax revenues directed to improvement of the area. As the condos and townhomes will be very high priced and valued, those real estate tax revenues will be substantial resulting the city council's ability to utilize those funds annually to provide substantial improvements to the area.
Per traffic issues, they appear to be largely a result of Liberty Park traffic flowing through the area. The city council should be looking for ways to stem that traffic from utilizing the area as a pass through to 280 to downtown. For example, getting ALDOT to provide more access points to 459 from Liberty Park. Just widening the one long singular road is not going to do the trick. PS: The city should no longer allow new developments to put in long winding roads as single development access as it WILL result in travelers utilizing shorter distances such as traveling through Overton to 280 rather than utilizing their own neighborhood highway access points.
It is the actions of developers external to the immediate area who plan poorly for their project accessibility to traffic conduits rather than developers who develop within the immediate area. This should be a focus in city planning and approval when projects such as Liberty Park are brought for approval their impact to areas external to them should be getting more focus with developers REQUIRED to gather and pay for 3rd party city approved traffic impact studies on all the areas surrounding such massive developments. Developers should then be required to fund the development of multiple traffic conduit access points which do not necessitate flow through other adjacent neighborhood internal streets. Developers should also be funding the cost to provide those multiple access points to traffic conduits to surrounding highways.
Should the city contribute to the cost of these access points it should be at a cost far less than what the developers put in and the city's contribution should be amortized via demonstrated tax revenues via the direction of real estate tax revenues from the development and eventual home/commercial owners to a payback of city contributions to the cost of access point development. Clearly, this did not happen with Liberty Park, but continued and future expansions of it and other such developments should be following this sort of thought proces

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