Planning & Zoning Commission to consider Altadena park plans



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Lighted fields?

If the fields are for practice only, would they require lighting? The lights on the fields on Old Rocky Ridge are terribly invasive to the home on the hillside in Altadena Woods. I'm guessing if these too are lit, it will destroy the views from the houses on the hillside.

King more than 4 years ago

Splash pad

Resident's have asked over and over for a splash pad. Why can't a splash pad be built into the plan? Please listen to your residents and give us a splash pad.

Kristen Machen more than 4 years ago

No bathrooms?

Planning all of this space for recreation - much of it with children in mind - and you have no plans for a bathroom? Especially at the practice fields? A small bathroom facility and water fountain should be included near the practice fields. And a second one should be considered for the other side of the park as well. (Mountain Brook had to install a bathroom at Overton Park and that space is tiny compared to the acreage and use of the Altadena land.) Please do the right thing and plan for bathrooms and water fountains up front instead of an afterthought and extra expense down the road.

Tina Vermillion more than 4 years ago

Altadena Park

Parks, playing games fields, walking trails was the lie fed to the Altadena Bend neighborhood before Vestavia turned it into the development monstrosity, along with Daniel Corp, that it is today.

K Sides more than 4 years ago

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