Planning Commission recommends rezoning for new Chick-fil-A



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Vote "yes" Vestavia.We need a close Chick-fil-a.That is one of the best things that could be built on that land.

Mary Ellen more than 1 year ago

Chick- fil- a

I agree, vote yes for Chick-fil-a. It has good food and is a Christian organization. That area is now considered a business district, so I don’t know what the fuss is about.

Guinn Hawkins more than 1 year ago

chick fil a -- No Way

As someone who has lived in the Cahaba Heights area since 2003, this will be a complete disaster from a traffic standpoint. Crosshaven Drive is already a nightmare with no turn lanes. Traffic routinely backs up to Overton Road on one end and The Summit on the other. If there is room to expand the road to include turn lanes it has to be all the way from Cahaba Heights Road to Overton and there simply isn't room across that entire length. I would love for Vestavia to do the right thing but they're beholden to tax dollars at the expense of their citizens so the chances of that are nil.

Chris Cole more than 1 year ago