Opportunities abound for Cahaba Heights: community seen as prime target for new development



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Feels Forgotten

I will say that some of the roads have been fixed and yes, the addition of some sidewalks are nice. But, every time a road is newly paved some kind of work is done that tears it back up and then it is just patched over. Which causes the road to be bumpy again. The patches aren't done correctly. There are too many roads that need attention and they aren't getting it. There are so many holes, ruts, and dips. I don't see the roads in Vestavia looking like this. Cahaba Heights isn't that big. Don't just fix the main roads, do the side roads too. I understand the apt complexes had the decision on whether to be a part of the annexation or not but they are shafted when it comes to the schools right down the road. Why aren't there buses for the school? Not everyone in the community has a vehicle and would benefit from having those back. Even just a couple. Don't forget that not everyone has the money that residents in Vestavia have. It seems like they are being pushed out for this better image. They are the ones that made Cahaba Heights what it is originally. Both parents working their butts off but still struggling. It's even worse now as the cost of living and taxes have gone up. Get started on what was promised. We need it. We don't feel like we're part of what we were annexed into. Because what we had before was SO awful, wasn't it?

A Hawk more than 6 years ago

Cahaba Heights

I would like to see a sidewalk all the way down Crosshaven from Overton to the Summit. It think more people would walk to the stores and restaurants if we had a sidewalk.

Margaret Jacob more than 6 years ago

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