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New development Crosshaven Rd. Vestavia, Al.

Don't forget to leave trees to line the road & between new building as it not only adds charm & beauty while it protects buildings from nature's elements & helps with storm water drainage problems that are bound to result from intense development. Nothing is as good as nature. Even with new drainage systems added & as concrete replaces earth the ground can't breath despite man made best efforts it won't suffice & cost more ito maintain long term. Tree leaves absorb 60% of rain before it even hits ground & tree roots hold earth together absorbing ground water, prevents water from pooling & decreases contaminants. Trees add as buffers to protect communities from big winds & temperatures. Ground water can overburden storm drainage system creating run off, bad water taste & back up flooding in drains leading to electric lightening storms contributing to damage during intense thunderstorms since there are no trees to act as additional buffers. Take any extra help nature offers freely. Trees serve as homes to all kinds of birds like owls, hawks& others that act as maintenance scavengers helping to keep surrounding clean therefore prevent rats, mice rodents & snakes from taking over the community. The difference between commercial over development downfall & creating a village is the tree factor as is how many are left to support the area. Short term anybody can strip land of its trees cuz its fast & easy. Long term to work around tress leaving them sprinkled through out development not only adds asethic appeal but cuts costs in erosion, maintenance & taxes. It takes a village lined with trees aiding the enviornment to prevent future sinkholes & mudslides. Respect the 🌎 earth & it will return respect in ways you will be thankful for tenfold in cutting unseen costs tenfold & leave a legacy you can feel good about for your grandchildren & appreciative families in more ways than you or they can imagine. Use your Light to make the future Bright for all.

Shirley Gotfryd 8 days ago