Incumbent Paul Head retains Council seat



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Voter Turnout

I would like to congratulate the entire Council for retaining their seats. Our City is doing well, and we all should be thankful for such a great City. I really appreciate the may persons who supported my campaign. Especially the Vestavia Voice. They covered the race and issues thoroughly. It is disappointing when you "lose" anything. But, the sun always seems to rise the next morning. My biggest disappointment is not losing the race, but the 5.5% voter turnout. We have the freedom and the right to vote. I feel it is our civic duty to research all candidates in all races local, state, and national in order to exercise our right to vote. What would have happened if suddenly the other 94.5% of persons who didn't vote were told their right to vote would be taken away? If we had 100% voter turnout, would it have changed the out come of the race? Maybe, maybe not. We will never know the answer. I hope we will do better in November. It is our duty and right to vote. Be proud that we all live in a country in which we can cast a ballot in freedom and in secrecy!

David J. Harwell 34 days ago

Why I didn't vote

I almost always vote. I didn't yesterday because I didn't feel strongly for or against either candidate. I just didn't think either one gave me a good reason to vote for one over the other by creating a contrast on some issue I cared about. So I didn't spend any time voting. People shouldn't feel bad for not voting. Yes, it is an important right, but not voting doesn't mean you don't care about voting. Sometimes it means you don't care about the choices.

George 34 days ago

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