Controlled access roads proposed in Cahaba Beach Road project



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Cahaba Beach Road will INCREASE traffic on 280

It would appear to me that this is not a project to keep vehicles off of Hwy 280 but instead to create access for residents of Liberty Park and Sicard Hollow to Hwy 280. It will not work the other way. I would love for ALDOT to explain how putting a road that connects Sicard Hollow and Valleydale will reduce traffic on Hwy 280. WHO WOULD BE UTILIZING THIS ROAD? If anything it will INCREASE TRAFFIC ON HWY 280. The best way to decrease traffic on Hwy 280 would be to widen Grants Mill Road and Hwy 119 thus allowing vehicles to completely bypass Hwy 280 when commuting from North Shelby. WHO WILL CHOOSE TO EXIT A SLOW BUT MOVING HWY 280 DURING RUSH HOUR TO GET ON A VERY SLOW, NARROW AND WINDING SICARD HOLLOW ROAD? Will the next project be to widen Sicard Hollow to make the Cahaba Beach cut through appealing after spending all the money on the bridge across the Little Cahaba?

Mike more than 1 year ago