2 new developments coming to Cahaba Heights



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Cahaba Hgts New Shopping

A shame the developers don't copy what works and adds value to not only their developments, but the area. What works is the facade aesthetics of the Mountainbrook older shops. They are lovely and bring an aesthetic character to the are justifying high end shops and high end rents. Slapping up standard inline strip centers found in any non descript neighborhood does just the opposite.

Henry 107 days ago


Cahaba Heights is a 'non descript neighborhood '. It's not old town Mtn Brook.

Shad 107 days ago

I agree

This is your standard ugly strip mall look and something more unique like what is seen in Mountain Brook would draw better business and bring a prettier look to Cahaba Heights.

J 106 days ago

New buildiing

I think it looks very stylish. We have a quirky neighborhood look. Part of all that I love about CH!

Robyn Kaylor 104 days ago

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