Board of Education recognizes foreign language students



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Teacher Kathy Rogers

Kathy Rogers is more than a fabulous teacher of German. She is an incredible all-around teacher, finding the best in every child and nurturing them to be curious and thoughtful human beings. Kathy is acutely sensitive to her students' needs; she sees each for who they are and what they're struggling with, which may not necessarily be just German language related challenges but rather important life-lesson issues. She fights for the underdogs and enlightens her students by pointing out differing perspectives. She teaches her students to be thoughtful and kind. We need more Kathy Rogers teachers in our schools. We need more Kathy Rogers in this world.

Carla Hamilton more than 2 years ago

Kathy Rogers

So proud of Kathy and the love she gives to her work, her students, her family. Impressive lady

Dorothy Molstad more than 2 years ago