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Homecoming Dance Leadership

I hope YLVH students will use their influence to encourage positive changes and a wholesome environment for the Homecoming dance at VHHS so that the majority of students will feel comfortable at their own event, without the unpleasantness of underage drinking and inappropriate dancing. Has YLVH considered promoting swing dancing lessons in advance of the event or at the event and fun swing dance music at the event to make the event fun for all? Have they considered ways to apply positive peer pressure and leadership by example to discourage underage drinking? What about a "I'm not going to drink" petition-signing on the day before the dance? What about a display to show how many students die in DUI accidents each year? I am hopeful students attending the high school next year will have the advantage of an improved, wholesome atmosphere at the Homecoming dance made possible through these students' influence.

Kimberly Cook more than 3 years ago