Vestavia BOE approves new Pizitz coding class, principal contract



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Pirate Programming

I am so proud of my Pirate Programmers and all that they have achieved this year. In addition to exploring and interacting with a variety of coding websites and apps, and creating their own projects and games, my students recently enrolled in an Open Courseware class offered by Harvey Mudd University. The course is titled: Introduction to Scratch Programming and it launched on Feb. 6th via Edx. This was a perfect fit for us because our favorite coding resource is the Scratch website from MIT. While all students are making progress in the course, and will continue to move through the content, it is a fast-paced college class and quite challenging. I am happy to announce that when the active portion of the course concludes on March 30th, we will have several "graduates" who will receive certificates from Harvey Mudd College. The course modules and content will remain available to all my students who will continue to work to achieve their individual goals. Thank you to Dr. Burgess, Superintendent Phillips and to the Board for supporting my students by endorsing the Pirate Programming course at Pizitz. These are exciting times!

Kathy Rogers more than 2 years ago