Council to consider Uber ordinance



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hi, I live in vestavia for a long time my grandma lived here over 40 years. We live in the city. I havent heard anyone really talking about uber and still kinda lost on the concept of UBER. First off, stop rushing this on our city. You make it sound great. Maybe its great . But you havent informed all the citizens here of this plan you kinda forced it on us. I dont like to rush into decisions like this when it concerns the whole city. We have kids here and we have family. I like my community. I Love my neighbors. I love the schools. This is the place that I choose to live because of the people. Not because of our need to feel like a big city. We arent a big city. We are a community that is full of good people who have a passion for living and caring about the town they live in. This uber thing is being brought here. have you explaned everything to the people here do they know what is going to take place . yes it brings jobs here but 1. i dont like the fact that we are moving way to fast on this matter. 2. i dont understand everything that will take place on uber. Is this safe for our people of this town. Do they want it. You may want it for money reasons but people here care more about people then money. life is worth more then the dollar in the bank. people here know they will succeed here because we care about each other and when we care about each other we go to each others restraunts we shop at their stores not to make them rich but because we love to see people succeed and if it means paying a little bit more for a burger here then by all means we will do it. not to make people rich but to show them we care about their business. do we really need all these people coming to vestavia to eat? or shop?? with all the craziness going on in the world i am glad that i have a home here where people still care and love still abounds. you want find that much long as i work and live here i know its my duty to shop here to and to go to restruants and when we do it outta caring for each other and not make it about the almighty dollar this town will stay around for along long time. as for uber. i have my doubts but i could be wrong just a thought.

elizabeth more than 2 years ago


Wonderful!!!!! Please pass as quickly as possible! We want people to come to VH to eat in our great restaurants...however, if Uber drops them off from Mountain Brook or Birmingham, they won't have a ride home until this is passed. Correct?

Lisa Christopher more than 2 years ago

Responding to Lisa’s point

Very important detail to consider.

Betsy Frazer more than 2 years ago