Council discusses Zaxby's in Cahaba Heights, demolition of Great Rock Road property



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I love the smell of grease in the morning. Smells like defeat.

Dale more than 3 years ago


I was not aware this was being proposed. My fault, I know.
I don't like this idea at all. There are plenty of food places already. I like our local places, not some chain. We are supposed to be the village of Cahaba Heights not big time Vestavia. The more traffic, the less safe. Let's please don't turn CH into highway 31 Vestavia.
There's a Zaxbys a mile and a half down 280 WHY here?

Linda more than 3 years ago

Bearden Ct Zaxby's

As a resident less than 500 ft from the proposed Zaxby's and one who spoke out at both the zoning and city council meetings, I was extremely disapointed with the lack of interest and relative dismissal of residents' concerns that were shared with both the zoning commission and city council. While the primary plaintiffs who had filed the rezoning requests were allowed to speak without limit, residents were held to a strict 3 minute time frame. Many were left with the impression that our concerns fell on deaf ears. The city council did not express any worry about an adjacent, well-traveled cut through street being only 12 ft wide, allowing only one car to pass at a time. Nor did they have the forethought to fully realize the potential negative impact that the increased traffic associated with a drive through restaurant would have on drivers and the residents of nearby neighborhoods. City infrastructure should not be an afterthought. An accident will inevitably happen, and the city will be liable for it. The residents of Cahaba Heights deserve much more from their elected officials.

Jessica Millsap more than 3 years ago