Board approves contract for branding services



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I actually attended this BOE meeting. This was the only company to present their rebranding plan at the meeting. They made their presentation and it was voted on in a matter of seconds by the board.

Lynn more than 2 years ago

Some Vestavians applaud progress

It is sad to see the number of Vestavia Hills residents who value Confederate imagery over peace, progress, the city's image, and the justifiable feelings of other people. Caring about how your fellow citizens feel and whether or not images are offensive to them has been rebranded as "political correctness" by extremists, but it is in fact simply kindness and being a good neighbor and person. No doubt those who are enraged by the removal of Colonel Reb consider themselves good Christians and patriotic Americans. They should examine themselves and their values more closely. Caring nothing for others, demanding that our schools cling to offensive images associated with racism and slavery (as well as with secession from the country one claims to love), and seeking to drive people with whom you disagree out of your community are neither Christian nor patriotic actions.

Lisa more than 2 years ago

As I recall peace is best

But wait this is what evil wants division. Who wanted to change our mascot . the rebel man is for freedom if you pervert the history and believe this hype on media then yeah you'll get offended. It's not about race they say it's about race as a cover. This is about taking our mascot away and making us believe that we r nothing without it. If our mascot offends the weak minded then we probably will remove it not to bring hatred in our hearts . u can take away our mascot you can take away our pride our dignity but you can't break our city for we are a city of people we have humanity we all strive together for goodness and are binded by love evil rears its head we stand firm for now thing can break our spirit of vestavia hills .

Beth more than 2 years ago

Rebrand my as.....

Yankees making decisions how Southerners are to be perceived. Why don't we just wear Yellow Stars and gray striped uniforms. Herr Direcktor Sheila and the new Yorkers should get a brand that has SS Skull and Crossbones as their new image. NAZI power and fascism lives at our BOARD.
Check the USA Today article on a high school in Virginia that quotes a black football player there.. "I don't believe this flag is racist." Virginia is clearly, easily more progressive than our Bored of Edyoucashun. Virginia gets it. Why can't our Vestavia citizens be heard ? Who is driving this change ? You will be driven out. Meanwhile, enjoy the battle flags on the trucks this Friday night. Rebel Man will never be rebranded no matter how much CASH or liberal influence carpet bags into town.
Rebel Man Matters. He just might show up at the next home game in full uniform ! Peace bro', don't taze him.

Thomas more than 2 years ago

Vestavia Hills School Board Has Been Branded

Sheila Phillips and her school board continue to brand themselves as unethical and conceited. The Vestavia Voice prints a picture of Sheila in front of the High School posing as an "advocate for the
students". Inclusion for a few cry babies, exclusion for our students and parents. Sheila should relieve herself of her responsibility. Her vision of a Utopian world, complete with fluid gender, sensitive children, does not exist and never will. She should resign immediately. The school board members should resign immediately and be replaced by people with a new concept. How about "common sense" as a strategic direction.

David Payne more than 2 years ago

Sheila stands for what makes people human

How could you say this . keep being negative and hating because you know that our community is united . I love our schools the kids there are loving and kind to one another we have pride in ourselfs and community. I love the vestavia voice they do a great job. I love our schools. Sheila stands for humanity something that is being lost in this world. Love is humanity

Steve more than 2 years ago