Survey: Should the city move forward with developing the Altadena park?

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Entrence to park & resident

As someone who grew up on Acton road and travels the curve to visit parents. The entrance to both the park & resident Needs to NOT be on Lakeland Trail. Since closing off spillway, traffic then started using Altadena Lake Road and Redwing Circle to avoid light at Acton and Camphorna, so the entrance to Altadena Lake Road had to be closed off.
People will use the neighborhood to avoid the light at Acton & Lakeland. Why do tgat to that neighborhood?
Now issue with light in curve. If Lakeland Trail is moved to where it's more out of curve, even with a light there will be more wrecks. It's just too tight of a area to have a light in a Very Bad Curve. Even with warning signs of a signal traffic just travels the road too fast.
Oh and just thought of this if traffic is backed up on Acton. Some will cut through neighborhood just to come out further down Acton Road. Possibly causing accidents at Acton and Redwing Drive.
Light at Acton and Camphorna already backup to the curve. Adding the light in the curve will just make it so no residents along Acton can get out of their own drive way, because one light will back up into the other one.

Bobbie Gusnard more than 2 years ago

Just Another Ball Park

Please don't clear cut the whole area for another ball park. Ball parks are loud, ugly, hot. Unless you have kids this isn't very appealing. Build something that blends in to is surroundings rather than detracting from it. Something all members of the community would enjoy using to relax. Follow Homewoods lead and build a public area that brings he whole community together not just those with kids that play sports. It's not just their tax dollars being spent here. Provide something for everyone's enjoyment or don't do it.

Jeffrey more than 2 years ago

Altadena Valley

Practice fields with no lights would be acceptable given how close this will be to a neighborhood.

Kathy more than 2 years ago

Altadena Country Club

The drawing does not show the lights and fences that will be around the fields... nor the very close proximity to the homes that the athletic fields and parking lot will be. Acton Road is dangerous and will become more so.

Kathy more than 2 years ago

Altadena Country club

I think the "splash park" is a great idea. I also am delighted to read that a dog park is on the agenda as well. Those of us who live off Rocky Ridge could actually go to Altadena easier than going to Highway 31. The gated community concept is also wonderful.

Bonnie more than 2 years ago

Golf course

I wish they had left it a public golf course as there are many people in this surrounding area that cannot afford the Country Club. It served a very important need and many families and individuals that used the facility have been forced to Hoover Country Club and other places. The city needs to begin thinking about the hardship with more and more developments and apts that they are putting on our schools.The athletic fields at Wald park and Exchange should be updated before any other fields are built spending taxpayer money.

Renee more than 2 years ago

Running paths

I would love to see some running trails similar to the lakeshore trail.

Megan more than 2 years ago

Agree with Leslie

I would like to see a pool on that side of city and/or a water feature for the kids.

Mary Frances Bowles more than 2 years ago

Splash pad

The area also needs some kind of splash pad for the children.

Leslie more than 2 years ago