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Sicard Hollow Community Park

This is wonderful but if they do not put a side walk path on Sicard Hollow or even a shoulder on the road for near by residents to be able to walk/run there you'll see many accidents. Sicard hollow is horrific, it's a beautiful road to bike as well and NO shoulder on the road. B'ham can easily become the Colorado of the south and the ideal place for people to live if we become more bike/run friendly.
Not everyone wants to get in their cars (especially from LP and surrounding subs) to go to a park 2 min. away. Love the idea of Park, let's not make everyone drive there. :-)

Lreimann@bellsouth.net more than 4 years ago


The current plans have an underground path to access the park from the existing athletic fields behind the school. There shouldn't be a reason to have to walk on Sicard Hollow Rd to access the park

Ted more than 4 years ago