Superintendent responds to concern over Rebel mascot



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Why is that these "mascot" stories seem to appear when there is a major, tragic incident take place? There were no Confederate soldiers shooting anyone up. At the time of the Civil War, they were fighting for what they believe to be true. It does not hold true for many of us close to 150 years later. We live in a time where it is a knee jerk reaction and the matter at hand does not go over well when it is race baiters-headline grabbing attention men/women. The whole political correct terminology has to go.

KDG more than 2 years ago


The Rebel is wearing a blue uniform, Union, not confederates. Also, the Names of other schools like Hoover and Pizitz , are the Bucaneers and the Pirates which were terrible people. Finally, some people lost family members like grandads in this war, and the Rebels may have sentimental value.

Jorge more than 2 years ago


Read an article yesterday at by Mr. Archibald. If the mascot is offensive, then, of course, the matter deserves atttention. However, I was not pleased with some of the content of Mr. Archibald's article in reference to why the mascot was chosen. My late husband, Jake Pilleteri, was a member of one of the first two classes to graduate from Vestavia. These classes had alot to say about the mascot, colors, etc. As I remember, the Rebel theme was a reaction to the way they were looked on as the step child of the then athletic powerhouse, Berry High School. The members of 1971 & 1972 classes of Vestavia were given a choice of staying at Berry or going to the new school system. Most stayed at Berry. Members of the 9th and 10th grades didn't have a choice. Very few juniors and seniors chose to attend the new Vestavia Hills High School, which was housed in what is now Pizitz Middle School, along with grades 6-8. Those that did choose to help start the new school, truly felt as if they had something to prove. They wanted to build the reputation of the new high school. They were teenagers and it was the 70s for goodness sake! Thus the Rebels were born. I never heard one member of the class of 72 speak of the Rebel in terms of race. I also taught there from 1977 until 2004. My best friend was a black teacher, one of my son's best friends was black and I saw black Homecoming Queen and nominees, black Miss Vestavia and nominees, senior class vice presidents and presidents (both male and female) etc.

Respond if you would like the name of some of the teachers and members of those first two classes. With their permission, I will be happy to provide.

Anita Maniscalco (formerly Anita Pilleteri) more than 2 years ago


rebels 4 life

the Rebel Man more than 2 years ago